I do a lot of stuff in my free time. Some of it, you can even check out for yourself! Just click on any of the projects’ names to learn more about them.

Web Apps

Recently, I started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and so I started making a bunch of little web apps to toy around with the languages and to see what I can do.

(A simple game of sudoku. Fill in the board with numbers one through nine, making sure each row, column and three by three field only ever has one of the same number. A board is randomly generated for you every time you refresh the page. Use the scroll wheel to input numbers into a selected field.)

(A game of memory. Turn over fields to see the numbers they have. Try to combine all of the same-numbered fields to uncover the board!)

Crossword Puzzle Game
(A little game that generates a crossword puzzle for you that you have to fill out based on the hints. It even shows you the solution when you’re done!)

Poem Generator
(A little fun thing I made that takes words and verse structures that I most frequently use in the poems I write and makes them into randomly generated poems! It.. doesn’t work very well, I’ll have to admit.)


Rock Bottom
(Rock Bottom is an in-development, open world, two-dimensional sidescrolling game about collecting resources and using them to create different stuffs.)

Minecraft Stuff

In my free time, I used to work on a lot of mods for a game called Minecraft. You’ve probably already heard of it, because basically everyone has. Anyway, one of the mods I made became pretty popular. The other ones.. not so much. Here’s a list of all of them, though.

Alternatively, you can also just look at my CurseForge profile for a list.


Actually Additions
(A mod about a lot of useful stuff that is combined by weird ways of trying to balance the stuff. It’s in a lot of modpacks, so that’s nice I guess. I don’t work on it anymore, but a friend of mine maintains it so it’s still up to date and (hopefully) rather bug free.)
Also, it has a changelog, an online version of its manual and a Twitter account.

Small stuff

Mining Tweaks
(A mod that makes you able to configure the hardness and harvest level of existing blocks. Useful for map makers, made for a friend’s modpack.)

(Mod for TheMattaBase, contains a bunch of random stuff he needs for a modpack he’s making.)

(A mod that gives players that are close to each other strength and regeneration)

(A mod that adds a wooden hopper, that’s pretty much it.)

Not so active-ish anymore

Simple Protection
(A mod allowing server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain actions. Originally made for a friend’s server, now just sort of abandoned because the code is a mess.)

(Neat concept in my opinion, mod that stores your settings in a global folder so you can access them from different Minecraft instances. Never really took off, though)

Tool Head Swapper
(Also a neat concept I just wanted to make happen. You can swap out the materials of vanilla tools in a crafting table, so you can turn an iron pickaxe into a diamond one etc. Never really went anywhere either, though.)

(A joke mod that turned into a reddit meme for a brief amount of time. Makes villagers explode whenever they look at a pumpkin. Don’t know either.)

Given to other people

(A mod that adds a cool armor with modules that can smelt your items and store your stuff and make you stronger and faster and whatever. Given back to canitzp¬†after he gave it to me after I.. it’s.. confusing. But it’s his now.)