I know most people regularly listen to music. Some like rap, some like metal, some like weird japanese anime music with screaming little girls (I’m sorry, I had to include that). But here I am in my little corner. Liking popular music and Rock. Because I’m not uncool enough from the start, so of course I like the genres that cool people my age despise most (for some reason).
While listening to my current obsessing, Marianas Trench, I had the idea to write a post explaining why I find myself and my emotions in the songs I listen to and why that helps me become or stay happy.
For most people, sad songs make them sad. But for me, sad songs that are similar to the emotions I’m currently feeling don’t make me feel more sad, but they rather make me feel.. understood. Like there’s someone that was feeling as bad as me, so much so to even write a whole song about the feeling.
Anyway, here goes some quotes that I connect to myself in one way or another.

I’m awake and trying
While you’re sleeping like a babe beside him
I’m on the ledge while you’re so
Goddamn polite and composed
And I know you see me
And you’re making it look so easy
What comes and goes I’d go without

This is from a song by Marianas Trench called Fallout. For the last couple of months, this has been my feeling most of the time, pretty much. As probably everyone knows, because evidently I can’t shut up about it at all, my ex boyfriend and I broke up a bit more than two months ago now, and I still haven’t really been able to.. deal with it yet, to be honest. These couple of lines explain pretty well how I feel: He’s moved on a long time ago, he has a new boyfriend, and.. he’s happy. And I’m trying so hard to be okay too, but I.. just can’t seem to be.

Every memory comes on
When I hear that old song
That we used to sing
With the words all wrong
I remember the faces
And familiar places
And I sing along

This is Acadia by Marianas Trench. My connection to these lyrics got really apparent to me last night, when I was talking to my best friend about some meories we had. In sixth grade, we did a theater play in German class, and her and I were the main roles, which is basically how we actually became friends in the first place. We were reminiscing about this and just talking for a while, also uncovering some secrets we had back then that we neverĀ  told each other until now. And it just made me realize.. how much I miss those old times, of being a kid, of being happy and worryless.

B-b-b-back in time
Have you heard the news?
Love like mine
Met with mixed reviews
Don’t you want to kiss me someday too?

Another Marianas Trench song. As I said, I’m currently obsessed. This is Yesterday. I think this is a somewhat far fetched connection, but a couple weeks ago, I realized something: Most people my age aren’t really into monogamous relationships anymore. It seems like most people want to be open and have space to do stuff with other people. But honestly? I really hate that. I could never do an open relationship, because to me, the person I’m with should be.. mine and mine only. That’s what I connect to these lyrics: It seems like the way I love isn’t really that appreciated nowadays.

You say that you’re lost and need to find yourself
Can’t do that with me but with somebody else

This is Wildfire by Marianas Trench. I like this whole song because of the obvious connection that I already mentioned. Especially this is close to me, because when we broke up, my ex told me that “he can’t really deal with relationships currently.” Obviously he just said it to comfort me at the time and make me feel like it’s not my fault that we broke up, because evidently that wasn’t the case as he found someone new pretty quick after that. Oh well.

No you never get a second chance
At the first time
We will never be eighteen again
No you never get a second chance
At the first time
It’s so good to see you, my old friend
It’s good to see you again

This is The First Time by Boys Like Girls. I love this song because it’s basically a song about memories, but a song about memories from when the character was eighteen. I’m currenlty eighteen, and I made a lot of memories and I had a lot of experiences since I turned eighteen. I especially had a lot of first times. My first kiss. My first sex. My first apartment. My first uni lecture. My first boyfriend. And.. honestly? It’s been great.

When you are next to me and the music is loud
Singing ‘Hey Nineteen’ somewhere in the crowd
We are up so high
They can’t touch us now
We are thousands of feet from the ground

This is Don’t Come Down by The Maine. I love these lyrics because this is what I feel like when I’m with my close friends. I know the song is probably more about love and a couple, or two people “finding each other”, but still.. when I’m with my friends, I feel happy, and free, and.. careless. We also sing together a lot, so that’s probably a part of why I connect these lyrics to that.

There we go, that’s just an example of why I get really emotionally attached to music, probably more than most other people do. For all the songs I listen to, I connect something to them. Most of the time not just because I listened to them a certain time, or a certain person introduced me to them, but because the lyrics have a meaning to me. I connect them to me.
Anyway, I thought this might be an interesting post for anyone that’s interested in.. what music I listen to, and what I think about it.
Yea. I guess this is kind of a weird topic to write a blog post about.
Oh well.
If you got this far with reading, and you found this interesting, then you should let me know somehow! It’d make me happy. Anyway, thanks for reading!