I haven’t been writing
Because I’ve been scared
Not of what happens
Not of what was

I’m minding my business
I’m leaving my past
I’m stumbling over
The thought that I had

My life in the gutter
My brain in his mind
His face on my windscreen
The wipers off life

And now that I’m rambling
I know that you see
You’re stumbling also
I need you to be

I’m losing my surface
I’m losing my mind
Every step that I take
I take a few back

I see the forgiveness
I see all the past
I know that you moved on
I know I won’t last

My life on the doorstep
My fate in your hands
At the end of the song
The music lasts, stays

There’s my own kind of sadness
That nobody gets
It’s buried inside me
It buries my head

On the side there are you
And I see you bright and clear

You’re like a face in the crowd
Like a haze, quiet, loud

Like the sadness that keeps me
But happy instead
Like the silence, it creeps me
But you tuck me to bed