Poems and Stories

Hey. So over the last couple of months, my life has been a big up and down, basically constantly. Some days, I’ve been having trouble dealing with the most basic […]

Til the end of time I’ll see you in my mind It’s not my decision Not my choice to make There’s so many places That I could’ve gone But I […]

They’re all the same as me Their feelings, their emotions They’re all stuck in the same old space Least I can do is help myself Least they can do is […]

I haven’t been writing Because I’ve been scared Not of what happens Not of what was I’m minding my business I’m leaving my past I’m stumbling over The thought that […]

I used to write poems That were clean and nice They used to rhyme Used to have the perfect structure As the years went by I stopped To think To […]

Hey baby, how are you? It’s been quite a while I’ve seen you here And now, now As my cards were on the table I showed you all I had […]

There’s thirty seconds to sunlight And the sky is up alight We’re sitting here inside Staring in each other’s eyes And I saw you And you saw me On the […]

I don’t know how to live Without you Don’t know how to breathe Alone Don’t know how to spend my nights Without your hand in mine Don’t know the love […]

Step. What does it mean? I fall again. How long? How far. The deepest, darkest nightmare Is when shadows from the past Climb out of the night sky And break […]

The world keeps turning No matter what I do Go to the start and It wraps right around On the top of the world The bottom of the universe The […]

In the hallway, down the stairs There lies my body, I’ve emerged I’ve entered this place that nobody could And I see everything so clear Today is his day, no […]

Going inside To see you alone Your eyes under covers Your face in a glass Your milkshake has sugar Your coffee with ice Your coke has some vodka Your donut […]

I’m breaking down again Cause you’re sleeping You’re making a move You should stop It’s not right for you I’ll just hurt you again Maybe it’s best if I go […]

What does it mean When you say that you love me? What does it mean When you say that you care? Do you do, really? Does it change a thing? […]

One second you’re quiet The next one you yell A minute is over No words more to spell To be honest, who blames you When you’re all alone Who says […]

Love is this contruct This wave And it hits you Again and again The thing is You see it coming But once you are in You don’t see the outside […]

Hey, it’s me, I’m alone I was wondering if I could come in I hope you’re not alone In this empty, empty home Today I will tell you What happened […]

You’d come to me and tell me That it’ll be okay You’d come to me and say it Every single day And if I never make it That’s what you […]

Poem: Cage

I actually write all my poems on paper first, just because I like it a lot more than typing them out. So instead of actually copying this poem off my […]

The spades of the doubt are digging it deeper The shovels of fate move the ground away The bombs of despair make more holes around it Like anyone else doesn’t […]

I’m crying in my bed alone under the sheets I’m crying to myself I’m crying desperate and alone in my bed and it won’t stop I’m crying don’t know what […]

The knife on my wrist Are the windows closed? The music loud? Is the note on the table? The door locked shut? Am I standing straight? Are the win- the […]

I sometimes wonder what’s the real me. If it’s the one that’s positive, helpful, motivated, the one that’s happy and accepts things as they are, solves problems by seeing their […]

Don’t look too closely at the changes as they might sadden you. Don’t look at what is different, don’t see what is new. Hide your eyes from everything, dim the […]

I tripped on my words and fell over. I ended the sentence while looking for cover. I fell down the paragraph, again and again and dotted my thoughts now and […]

In the back of the woods is my house. There are scratches on the paint of the walls. The door is wide open, yet bars and plates of iron try […]

I talk in terror, but mumble in fear. I speak with my eyes closed, avoid every tear. I make a confession, I make a choice. I cry out and louder […]

Did you hear that? The sound of my heart as it broke. Did you hear that? The corpse of my love that I stroke. Can you hear me? Scattered and […]

I was stepping on tiny twigs that crumbled under my feet. I was walking on the holy ground that made me feel vibrations in my chest. As I walked along […]

Tears rolling down the face of the desperate, the erased. They’re trapped in boxes of themselves, their minds are tucked away in shelves of flesh and bones, and rotten hearts, […]